Love Ideas

Dating Tips for Teenagers and Parents

by Byron Hicks


Love Ideas

Dating Tips for Teenagers and Parents

by Byron Hicks

So, you’re a teenager and think you’re ready to date? Dating for teenagers is a different world than adults dating. Here at Dating Guide Magazine, we’ve compiled a list of dating tips for you, the teenager. While this is just a suggest list of dating do’s and dont’s, you’ll want to seek advice from your parents. If you’re a parent, then use the following advice to help guide your decision when allowing your teenage son or daughter go out on a date.

If you follow these simple rules, then your teens dating experience can not only be a safe one, it can be fun as they learn to socialize on a more personal level.

Group date: This is highly recommended. You may think this will cramp your style, but group dating is a sure way of being safe, while having fun at the same time. If you’re interested in a boy or girl from your high school, then ask them out, but ask a few friends of the same as well as opposite sex out too. You want to go out as a group of 4 to 6 students. This way, there’s no pressure to be a “certain” way and you can be yourself while getting to know your “date”.

Introduce your date to your parents: Sure, this may sound like a bummer, but it’s a must. You want to build trust and confidence with your parents. One sure way to do so is to introduce your date to your parents. Let them get to know each other. Your parents will certainly feel more comfortable in knowing who you will be going out with.

Have both parents meet: Another sure way to build confidence and set your parents at ease is to have both your parents and your dates parents meet. It doesn’t have to be a long social event, but they can do so over a cup of coffee or while at a school function. This allows your parents to get to know each other, further building trust and confidence in you and your date.

Let your parents know where you will be going: Be honest and up front. If you’re going to the movies, tell your parents which theater and what movie. It’s best to be upfront and honest. This not only builds trust as well, but allows your parents to contact or locate you should there be an emergency.

Carry a cell phone: I don’t think this is tough for most teenagers, but it’s important that you have a clear line of communication open so you can contact your parents. Emergencies happen and it’s best to have that line of communication should you need to contact your parents or they need to contact you. Set some ground rules for the phone so that you are not being pestered by your parents every five minutes. You may want to check in with your parents every half hour or hour by sending a text or just calling them. It gives your parents a piece of mind and ensures you that they won’t be calling you every few minutes asking, “where are you” and “what are you doing?”

Be respectful of your date: Respect your date. Respect their beliefs and their curfew. If you’re going on a group date and your date has a 9pm curfew, make sure they are home by that time.
Check in periodically with your parents: Again, you want to set some ground rules for checking in with your parents.

Keep it fun and casual: You are young and your first dating experiences should be casual and fun. This is why we suggested that you group date, this way there’s no pressure to engage in adult type intimate behavior. Dating for a teenager is different than for adults. As a teenager, your dating as part of learning socializing. So remember, you are still young and dating should be casual.

No means No!: This rule is rather self explanatory. If you’re on a date and you insist on doing something that your date doesn’t want to do, then respect her/his wishes. No means No! That’s it!

Don’t travel far for your date: Dating as a teenager means that you may be limited in funds and the ability to travel. It’s a very good idea not to travel far anyway for a date. A trip to the local park, zoo, theater, miniature golf, ice cream shop should do it. You don’t have to travel an hour for a date. There’s plenty to do in your neighborhood that would be fun for a small group of your friends and a date.

Don’t break your curfew: One sure way of getting banned from dating by your parents is to break your curfew. Be respectful of your date and his/her parents by making sure that your date is home at least 10 minutes prior to their curfew. this will ensure that your date parents will grant a second date in the future. Break this rule, and you are almost guaranteed that your first date is your last one.

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