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What After Getting Number Through Online Dating Website

by Byron Hicks


It’s written from a guy perspective, it really does apply to both men and women, so let’s go with it.

This is actually something that happens to a lot of people. You are going to the online dating and you get interest on someone and you approach them to get their number with small level of hesitance. But to your surprise she is also interested in you and she gives her number to you.

With text messaging being so common these days, it is no big deal if you want to send her a text once you’ve left the bar. Just let her know you had fun and that you will be giving her a call at some point to arrange to hang out again.

Back before the days of texting, and being able to get everything quickly, it used to be proper for a man to call a woman after about two days. However, now that we can pretty much get anything we want, and fast, taking that long to call a woman may leave her thinking you really weren’t interested after all. This is why, once you get her number, you should call her no more than a day later.

She clearly wanted to see you again, otherwise she would never have given you her phone number, so instead of waiting too long, and running the risk of her forgetting about you, give her a call after a day to arrange to meet again.

The best thing to do before calling, however, is to think of a few things you can arrange to do on your date. Get a couple ideas started before you call her, so you will be sure to have something to say.

Try your best to keep the conversation short and simple. The whole point of the phone call is to let her know you have not forgotten about her, and to set up a date to see each other again. Don’t say too much because you may run the risk of changing her mind. Save your life story for another day, besides, you are going to need to use some of that as something to talk about when you finally do go on the date.

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Dating A Men In Uniform

by Byron Hicks


Some Men make career decisions that force them to spend time away from their wives or girlfriends. If you’ve fallen in love and now dating someone in the military, you must accept that you might have to deal with the pressures of being in a long distance relationship for some time. Couples who have weathered the trials of living apart will tell you that it’s not easy to date someone who’s constantly on the move. However, if you and your partner are determined to make it work, there are many ways to date long distance without sacrificing sweet romance and spontaneity.

Tips on How to Date Men in Uniform

1. Trust in Your Partner’s Sincerity
In a long distance relationship, the role of sincerity and trust in the maintenance of the romance is magnified. You have limited time together, whether you’re talking on the phone or chatting online. Whatever your partner tells you in that short span of time, you must believe. There’s no room for ‘do-you-mean-that’ questions when your partner only has a few minutes left before he has to work again. For all you know, your guy must have used his break time to talk to you so you have to trust that he’s telling you what’s really in his heart.

2. Make the Most of Your Time Together

There will be times when your military guy will come home for a temporary respite from his job. When he’s around, make sure your mood is up, your insecurity issues are settled and your romance mindset is on! Engage in activities that inspire romance whenever your partner visits. You can spend your time just holding hands, looking at each other lovingly and talking quietly in a private place near a body of water. You can also get a massage together and share a sweet treat after.

Reaffirm your love for each other before your partner leaves again. This will energize him and keep him inspired. Think of your time together as his way of recharging his batteries. Remember, a face-to-face meeting is rare in a long distance relationship, so make each second count.

3. Master the Art of Writing Long Love Letters

Dating couples need to establish their friendship before and after getting swept apart by distance. Expressing your love is possible by writing about your feelings. It’s recommended that you keep a journal of daily activities and thoughts so you may organize these later when you’re sending out emails to your partner. If possible, write by hand rather than emails so the communication is more personal. If you write using old-fashioned means (stationery, scented paper, multicolored ink and pink envelopes), your partner will be able to keep your letters with him even when he does not have access to his email. Remember, memories and inspiring messages are particularly important to men who are out there on a mission. The best thing you can give him is support and affection so he can work at his best even in the face of danger.

Unlike in online dating you will not be able to see your man in uniform often for a date. One last piece of advice for women who date men in uniform: do not waver in your affection. If your love is strong, you become more tolerant to the fact that you’re not always together physically.