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Dating Tips and Ideas for the Month of May In America

by Byron Hicks


Two wheel Fun

May is American Bike Month, which means you have no excuse to get out, get some exercise, and have some fun with your date. For some biking fun, dust off that old beach cruiser and head on out to the coast. If you don’t live near the coast, try a bike ride in the mountains or a park. Don’t forget to pack a lunch and blanket for that extra touch of romance.  It would be a perfect time for American dating.

Friends, Burgers, and Bar-B-Ques

With Memorial Day being celebrated on the last Monday of the month (It’s technically on May 30th, but celebrated on that last Monday), you have three days to impress your date. Add the fact that it’s national Bar-B-Que month as well you can take your date to gathering at a local park so he or she can meet your friends. If your relationship is serious enough, then you may want to take her to a family picnic over the long weekend.  Family picnics and get together can be a great way to see how your date will interact and fit in with your friends and family.

If you’re not into big gatherings, try packing a small hibachi and heading to a park just for the two of you. Throw a few burgers on the Barbie, grab an ice-cold beer and watch the sunset.

Take your dogs for a walk

The 2nd week of May is national pet week. If you’re both pet lovers, this is a great time to take your pets on a date and socialize them. Playing in the park with your dogs, or the both of you playing with the cats can lead to some steamy together time, sans the animals; wink, wink.

Do a little Salsa

Cinco De Mayo is a great excuse to head on out to your favorite club and burn some calories doing the Salsa while having fun with your date. Who knows, maybe you can have a little romantic battle in the bedroom after your night out on the town!

Mother’s Day

Mother’s day is celebrated on the second Sunday in May. If you’re dating a woman with children, then this is a great time to set some time aside to spend with her and the kids. Take them to a local ball game, or check out a museum for some cultural education. You can also help the kids make their mom a nice breakfast or lunch or even offer clean her home.

These are just a few suggestions for things you can do with your date in the Month of May. For a complete list of holidays and celebrations during the month, visit this site and plan creative outing with your special someone.